Whispered Secrets – 4 Bucks Book Review

Whispered Secrets is book 2 in the Leven Thumps series…and is a must read.


Reviewed by Mirriam Neal

Author: Obert Skye

Series: Leven Thumps, Book #2

Genre: Adventure/Fiction/Young Adult/Fantasy

Fourteen-year-old Leven Thumps is an Offing with the power to see and manipulate the future. Well, that is, when his power wants to show up. But in the mean time, he has a lot more to worry about than his temperamental powers – such as the fact that there are certain sinister beings who want to mesh the world of Foo with reality, and the fact that the powerful lithen Geth is, at the moment, a toothpick, and the fact that his other half – the one with all the anger and hatred – is in Reality. Not to mention the fact that Leven’s friend Winter is having problems, and that Clover, Leven’s Sicophant, keeps giving him the wrong kind of candy and can’t stop pulling pranks. Throw all these elements into a pot, stir it around, add a dash of dreamworld, humor, battles between good and evil, and tons of imagination, and you have Leven Thumps.

Despite the forebodings the Harry-Potter-ish cover gave me, this book was a BLAST. I bought it yesterday and finished it a little bit ago – I was laughing the whole time! (When I wasn’t marveling at the ridiculous amount of imagination used, and staring in awe at the amazing cover art). I highly recommend this book. There is no language or sexual content – just lots and lots of humor, plot twists, magic, adventure, and dreams!

(Although, since I haven’t read the first book, I’m not quite sure how Geth’s essence came to be inside a tree. Which in turn was made into a toothpick. I’ll be reviewing Book #1 soon.)
Age: 14+


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    I also just read the first book – the review is up here – http://thebookfae.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/leven-thumps-and-the-gateway-to-foo/
    The review for the third book, “Leven Thumps and the Eyes of Want” will be up soon – I’m over halfway done with it.