Triple Jump ~ All for the Glory of God

For me, Triple Jumping isn’t just a competition or a sport, but a way that I can glorify God.

First I merge my brain with my legs so that they will act as one. I step up to my mark. I bounce from one leg to the next; my legs like springs. I pump my arms. Blood rushes through my veins. I freeze and take a deep breath.

Head down, I close my eyes trying to get my body and mind to relax. I plant my feet. I lift my head. I stare down the runway, my eyes focused on the sand pit; my goal. Keeping my eyes glued to it, I slide my right foot slightly in front of the other and bend my knees. My eyes lock on the white line at the end of the runway.

Ready in position, I whisper: “All for the Glory of God!” The count in my head begins. And one, and two, and three, and four…! I charge forward. My long legs stretch out. My feet pound the ground as I run with all the strength I have within me down the runway. My heart throbs. The energy in my legs surge. The count goes on … and five, and six, and seven … and EIGHT! My right foot strikes the white line as I thrust my left knee upward. I hop up, down.

Quickly, I switch feet and take a large skip. I switch feet again as I launch forward. Forcefully, I drive my right knee up and my arms chase it. As I sail through the air the world stops. I freeze; poised in the air. Arms up, I reach for the sky. Time stands still just before I plunge back to the ground. I thrust my arms in front of me as I land with a thud in the sand.

Reunited with the ground, my jump is complete.

I turn, and the see the length that I jumped, how far I’ve come. Whether it is a great jump, a mediocre jump, or even a lousy jump, I offer it for the glory of God.

And I am content.


I’m Casey Dettwyler and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve lived in a small town in Oregon my whole life and am the second oldest of seven children. Just so you know, being raised in a big family rocks! I’m a Catholic and I love Jesus Christ more than anything. He’s my best friend and I try to keep Him at the center of my life and live everyday for Him. He has truly blessed me. I love reading, writing, and high, long, and triple jumping. (read more…)

“Satan laughs at our toil, mocks our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.”

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