The Digital Demon

This is a promo clip for the video produced by Get REAL inC that raises awareness of the “Tech Traps” related to sexting while addressing, peer-pressure, harassment, cyber-bullying and depression. Within minutes, this video drags the viewer through the depths of consequences, but then pulls them back up to the realization that there is renewal and hope.

It focuses on the importance of friends being real friends. Ones that build and not tear down.

The entire video comes with a 45 minute interactive discussion guide and is available in a faith-based version or a school version. To get a copy for your church, youth group, school or your home go to

Musician/Songwriter, Garrett Godsey, Actress/Screenwriter, Alee Hatfield, Driector, Jarryd Stefanik

The song “Digital Demon”
Words by Scott Godsey and Garrett Godsey
Music by Garrett Godsey
Performed by Garrett Godsey
Produced by Nathan Snyder


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