Teen Bow Hunter, 17, Bags 448-Pound Bear!

Jessica Olmstead has no problem staring down wild animals.

The 17-year-old Harper Creek High School senior has taken up one of nature’s oldest, and possibly most dangerous sports, hunting.

In the middle of August, Olmstead and her father, Tim, took a hunting trip up to Oba, Ontario, Canada, where the high school senior shot down a bear more than twice her size.

“When I go out hunting, it’s really exciting,” Olmstead said. “Whenever I see a bear I just want to go at it. When you’re hunting, your heart is racing, your blood is pumping, and you feel that adrenaline rush. I really love to hunt.”

Olmstead killed a 448-pound black bear with a Matthews Passion bow and arrow set, designed for women, from a little over 16 yards away.

“The bear was the first animal I killed with the bow,” Olmstead said. “As soon as my dad got it for me I was immediately comfortable and I was ready to use it the next day.”

The black bear was the young hunter’s first big game take and she currently holds the Pope and Young Bowhunting record for the trophy bear.

“She’s really a natural at this sport,” her father, Tim, said. “All you have to do is tell her one thing one time and she gets it. It’s amazing.”

Tim, who has been hunting and teaching others how to hunt for over 30 years, says he’s never had a student pick up the fundamentals of hunting as quickly as Jessica.

“I’m not just saying this because she’s my daughter,” Tim said. “But she’s probably one of the best listeners I’ve every taught. With the bear she showed a lot of patience. She tracked the bear, killed it, and gutted it like a pro, like she’s been doing it for years.”

Olmstead’s hunting exploits, however, extend beyond the bushes and trees of the wilderness, as the young hunter has also made impressive waves in the area of fishing.

Earlier this month, Olmstead caught a 20-pound salmon in Lake Michigan, outside of Holland.

“Fishing is a lot like hunting in a lot of ways,” Olmstead said. “But I think that with fishing, it takes a lot more strength and a lot more patience to be successful.”

Taken from The Battle Creek Enquirer at  http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/article/20100928/SPORTS/9280316/Local-girl-takes-down-448-pound-bear


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    Okay, so why does this bear look like it’s still alive to me? Yikes! That’s one tough teen!