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real devo: Christmas Cliches

…and other things I’m sick of hearing. So, confession time with Abbie. (And don’t get excited – no stories of coffee shop humiliation today.) Ready? Here goes… I am a scrooge. But not the kind of scrooge you might think. I’m a scrooge in a way that is probably largely frowned upon in Christian circles. A scrooge with a bad ...

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real devo: good out of bad

I’ve never been a huge fan of change. Maybe because when I was little, it seemed that change only brought bad things. Change brought stressful jobs to my dad. Change moved me away from my best friends. Change was a little bit scary. And change hurt. Then I grew up (not necessarily matured, just sayin’,) and realized that change could ...

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real devo: let’s talk about money

Now this may sound greedy, but let’s be honest: we all want money, we all like walking around with some spending money in our pockets. But summer is for fun not work, at least in my mind it is. So I’ve come up with a solution: jobs we like to do! In school when picking electives, teachers advise me to ...

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