Music Review: Water & Guns – Aaron Sprinkle

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Aaron_Sprinkle_Water_Guns_Cover-dropAaron Sprinkle releases his fifth solo album after working with such bands as Anberlin, Emery, Project 86, Rose Blossom Punch, and others. With such a diverse taste in music Sprinkle so greatly captures the essence of modern music in Water & Guns. With notes of tranquility alongside hints of progressive Electronica, Water & Guns brings a mix of Silversun Pickups esque energy along with a taste of OneRepublic.

The opening track, Heartstrokes, deals with the issue of rejecting God and in the end realizing His greatness. River of Lead, hits note reminding me of secular bands Bastille, and BadBooks. This is by far the most alterative of Sprinkles records and stresses the indie quality that so many are striving for. With the perfect mix of subtle acoustics, and electronics Water & Guns is a win for anyone with alternative mellow tastes.

I give  Water & Guns B+

Water & Guns is comparable to these secular artist:


Silversun Pickups




Atlas Genius



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Music Review: Colton Dixon – A Messenger

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Colton Dixon rise in the music industry over the past year, began with his American idol Season 10 audition. He showered the nation with his voice and left impressions on every listener throughout his journey. He continues to make more impressions with his label, Sparrow Records. Colton’s first album, “A Messenger” contains uplifting, encouraging, and positive Christian music. It includes his hit song, “You Are,” which has been running through everything from radio stations’ set lists, to teens’ earphones.

The lyrics to Colton’s songs deliver a positive message to people of all ages, and share the message of Christ in a wave of love. In the song, “You Are,” Colton encourages people to know God as a healer and the light in dark situations. He shares in “Never Gone,” that God is always there and never leaves you alone.


Not only does Colton Dixon make musical impressions with his voice, but he makes a great role model for all. He follows Christ with all of his heart and boldly stands for him in our polluted world. He sings his passion for Christ powerfully. Colton lives to be a messenger and example through singing of God’s marvelousness. There is no doubt fans will continues to follow Colton Dixon throughout his musical journey. 


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New Band Profile – And By Love

Posted by Eddie Jones on August 12, 2011 in iBegat Music |

Meet the Newest Upcoming Band!

I happened upon info for these guys and am glad I did. Check out their music and “Like” their FaceBook page! Or find them on YouTube HERE. If you live near one of their concerts–be sure to go!


MUSIC:   Progressive/Indie/Rock
Brandon Day- Vocals, Guitar
Wes Lauterbach- Guitar, Vocals
Trey Mulvey- Bass, Vocals
Zane Frye- Drums
HOMETOWN: Fayetteville, NC


And By Love is made up of young men who have an everlasting love for music. Brandon Day (Vocals, Guitar), Trey Mulvey (Bass), Wes Lauterbach (Guitar, Vocals), Zane Frye (Drums) had all been in other bands before, but realized something wasn’t right.

“It’s by the Love of God that we are able to live the lives that we live. It’s a miracle that we have the talent to create music that can leave an impact on peoples lives. So to us, And By Love is more than just a name,” says Mulvey.

Although And By Love has only been a band since January 2010, the release of their debut EP “Patience” has been highly anticipated throughout the region. “Patience” is an EP with obvious hard work and heart put into each of the six songs. Hoping to catch the ear of every listener these boys come across, the band will be hitting the road this summer, staying busy playing shows throughout the Southeast. Its with love this band has made it here and its “And By Love” that God will show the world that these boys aren’t stopping anytime soon.

And by Love is currently in the studio working on their new album that will be released in the early part of 2011, this album is something that was been a major part of the boys lives since they finished touring this summer, “we have put in a lot of new and unique ideas on the new record, stuff way out of our comfort zones” says Wes. The new album will be a 6 song EP with a kinda harder,and different sound.

So be sure to keep up with us, come to shows, and just be our friends!


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Love Never Gives Up

Posted by Eddie Jones on July 27, 2011 in iBe SHEgat, iBegat the Begotten, iBegat U |

“Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others, isn’t always “me first”, doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, doesn’t revel when others grovel, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, puts up with anything, trusts God always, always looks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end.” (1 Corinthian 13: 4-8 The Message)

Sara Bareilles, a popular singer, describes being controlled by a guy in her song Gravity: “You hold me without touch, You keep me without chains.”

When I was a senior in high school, I met a charming and funny guy who I fell head over heels in “love” with. Looking back, I have realized how unhealthy that relationship was for me. I was verbally abused, called names, and controlled for a year of my life by someone who never deserved me in the first place.

When I moved away for college, I was enlightened by 1 Corinthian 13, where God describes to us a love that is so amazing that it never fails, never gets angry, always trusts, and always perseveres. I realized that the relationship I was in wasn’t any of those things and it definitely wasn’t a Godly relationship. I broke the relationship off and by doing so I regained my self-confidence and became a girl who wasn’t going to let people push her around, especially silly boys.

It can be hard to get out of abusive and unhealthy relationships, but you must always remember that you are the most important person in the situation. If you are in a relationship that is bad for you, think about yourself and your future. Never let a guy hold you back from being everything you can be. Search for the type of love that God describes in 1 Corinthian 13 and never settle for less than you deserve.

McKenna Watts is originally from Hueytown, Alabama, but currently resides in Livingston, Alabama where she attends the University of West Alabama. McKenna works for a daycare at a Methodist church where she teaches a three-year-old daycare class. McKenna is majoring in elementary education and wants to teach kindergarten after she graduates. McKenna began writing at an early age and is now a staff member with the Southern Christian Writers Conference based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama that her family has run and operated for the past 20 years.


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Posted by Eddie Jones on March 2, 2011 in iBegat Music, iBegat the Begotten, iBegat U |

Unless you count band performances and going to the orchestra, I went to my first concert last night. Now that I know what I’ve been missing, I wonder why I never wanted to go to one before and what made me want to go to this one. I was amazed by the atmosphere at Chris Tomlin’s concert in Baltimore. People were polite and friendly. There was none of that pushing and shoving that one would expect at such an event.

But when the music started, the atmosphere changed. I don’t have the words to describe the awesome way God met us in that arena. All I know is that it was powerful … and real.

Those of you who know me know that I am very quiet and reserved. Well, you wouldn’t have recognized me last night. I lost myself in the atmosphere. I have never had a worship experience like that before; singing and dancing like nobody’s watching for an audience of One. I had a great time.

But this morning at church, there was none of that type of atmosphere. There seemed to be an apathetic attitude throughout the congregation. I don’t understand what caused the atmosphere to change. Of course, it was a new day and a different place and different people, but God is still the same and He comes wherever His people are gathered.

Last night, I shut my eyes and danced with everyone else not caring who was watching or what they thought. Why is it that I could do that in a room full of strangers, but not in church? Why do we care who’s watching? Why should it matter what others think?

The atmosphere may change, but God never changes and neither should the way we worship Him.


I am first and foremost a Scribe of the King. It is my desire to serve God through the written word. I have been creating stories since age three. I would tell them to entertain my family, but didn’t start writing them down until age eight or nine.

Since then, the need to write has been insatiable. At age nineteen, I had my first book, Where’s My Other Sock?, published by Tate Publishing. Then, I graduated from community college with a degree; not in anything writing related, but in accounting. Currently, I’m hunting for a bookkeeping job and working on several books or story ideas. In my stories, I challenge the reader’s imagination with adventures into the fantasy realm. Some stories lean towards mystery/suspense or general fiction, and I try to write for all ages. I find my inspiration from JRR Tolkien’s works and from the Randomness of everyday life.
SDG. (read more…)


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Curtain Call Resolution

Posted by Eddie Jones on November 9, 2010 in Christine Wessilius, iBegat the Begotten |

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19 NIV)

I check my microphone one last time, listening through the double doors for my queue lines. I clench the bag in my hands that will be used during the scene, making sure I’ve got everything, sending up a silent prayer to God for help. Suddenly I hear it—my queue!

Instantly I throw open the door and come running through the audience, hearing my laughter echo loudly across the speakers. I’m almost through the auditorium and at the last row of seats before the stage when… I fall. One of those brilliant ‘face-eats-carpet’ moments.

My bag of props goes sprawling before me. I don’t even have time to feel embarrassed by how far my skirt probably flew up! Grabbing everything I possibly could, I arrive on stage late, improvising a new entrance before getting into place for the dance number and song.

Half way through the music I notice…I can’t move my hand. Worse than that, with every movement I’m forced to make, excruciating pain shoots through my fingers and wrist.

I later found out that I’d snapped the tendon in my hand when I fell. True, God didn’t spare me the pain. Instead, He gave me the strength and comfort I needed to make it through till curtain call.

God doesn’t promise us lives without pain, but He will be there every step of the way, strengthening and encouraging us till that moment when the final curtain falls and we go to be with Him in paradise.


Christine grew up in the windowless basement of her grandparent’s house and has thus been fondly nicknamed “The vampire in a box” by her friends. She has a strong affinity for sarcasm, shiny purple things, and random, useless information that “normal people probably wouldn’t care about.” She likes to sing, act, draw, write, read, and make fun of Prince Charming in her spare time. Some of her epic skills include: surviving a piano being dropped on her, carrying on a five hour conversation with a wall, and making a grilled cheese sandwich spontaneously explode. (read more…)
<<<more posts by Christine…


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Casting Crowns with The Afters

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The Afters opened up the concert on September 23, 2010. Among first song was their hit “Light Up the Sky” which got a very good response. Personally, it is my favorite song of theirs. In between each song the main singer, Joshua Havens, spoke about the songs and experiences in his life. When they finished up and cleared the stage for the Casting Crowns, the group I was with and I were left wanting more.

When Casting Crowns took the stage the majority of the crowd was on their feet. It was a truly uplifting experience. They sang “East to West”, “Praise You in this Storm”, “Until the Whole World Hears”, “American Dream”, “What if His People Prayed”, and “Voice of Truth” just to name a few. The main singer, Mark Hall, also spoke between some songs. It was fun to sing along, dance, and praise the Lord the whole time.

I could feel the Holy Spirit among us as we were singing praise to our powerful, mighty God. It was an awesome concert and I was left with the utmost respect for both bands.



I’m Haley Faye Snyder. I’ve lived in the same Christian home in Kentucky since I was born. I have one little brother and two loving parents. I go to Westport Baptist church and have my whole life. I accepted Christ into my heart when I was six and then re-committed my life to Him when I was 11 at Boones Creek Baptist Camp. (read more…)


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Article from Bedford Indiana Times – Garrett Godsey

Posted by Eddie Jones on October 5, 2010 in iBegat Music |

Garrett Godsey, with guitar, is pictured with a group of REAL girls and REAL boys from the Indianapolis area. He created the song “Digital Demon,” which focuses on sexting problems among teens. Godsey’s father is a 1985 Bedford North Lawrence High School graduate.

Youth leaders, teachers and teenagers will gather for a free event at the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore from 6-8 p.m. Oct. 9. The event will include a video screening of “Digital Demon,” a B SMRT message by Katie Wolfe of Get REAL inC, and concerts by local teen band “Washington and Out” and teen musician and songwriter Garrett Godsey of Avon. Throughout the event, prizes will be drawn for youth leaders and teens, and from 5 – 6 p.m. guests can meet those involved in “The Digital Demon” video project.

“The Digital Demon” music video of Garrett Godsey’s original song raises awareness on the possible dangers of sexting while addressing peer pressure, cyber-bullying, harassment, consequences and depression. The message also offers hope to those who may have made the choice and shows that the responses of others is critical.
“I chose to host this event because I know the importance of facing this topic that is destroying and taking lives,” Brenda Harrison, owner of Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, said in a prepared statement. “This video attacks this topic head-on in a way that relates to teens.”

Bedford North Lawrence High School students Allyson Adams, Abby Adams and Kylie Rife joined dozens of teens from across the state to re-enact this dramatic interpretation.

For more information e-mail lighthousebkstr@aol.com.


Get REAL inC is a faith-based nonprofit organization based the Indianapolis area. Its mission is to educate, encourage and empower teen girls to be REAL — Respected, Educated, Able and Loyal to self, family, friends, community, future and Jesus Christ.

For more information about Get REAL inC, go to www.getrealinc.org.

Garrett Godsey is a 14-year-old musician who has been playing guitar since age 7. Playing an acoustic mix of Christian, rock and classic rock music, he has opened for several national and regional touring music groups. He has two songs available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.com. Godsey lives in Avon and has ties to Bedford. Godsey’s father, Scott, is a graduate of Bedford North Lawrence High School. For more information, visit www.garrettgodsey.com.

If you or someone you know has fallen into a “Tech Trap,”  we urge you to find a trusted adult to talk to.  Below are some resources you can go to for help.


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Secretariat – Music Video “It’s Who You Are” by AJ Michalka

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