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A New Vision

They may not actually have mouths that speak, but we can still hear their voice. They may not say audible words, but they shout a message loud and clear. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by advertisements, televisions, billboards, songs, and magazines that announce their message saying, “You have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a ...

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Rag Doll Blues

I am Raggedy Anne Though I’ve tried so hard To be someone else I try to stand But I fall Try to act big But I’m small Tried to hide who I am But people see through me They see Raggedy Anne I look in the mirror Don’t like what I see there Plain, painted face, red yarn hair Tattered ...

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End It

No one talk to me; no one get near me: I can’t handle it. Lock the door so no one can come in, and no one can go out. Look in the mirror, see nothing worth looking at. Why do I look this way? Why can’t I look good? Sit and think about my life, and how there’s nothing worth ...

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