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Writer’s Block and Procrastination

The other day, my friend, Gracia, asked for tips on overcoming writer’s block and procrastination. I thought I’d share here what I told her. Writer’s block is a tough subject. I experience it quite frequently and it’s hard to get rid of. Sometimes, the best thing is to put the project aside for a few days and not think about ...

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Book Review – “The Witness” by Josh McDowell

International Adventure: “The Witness” by Josh McDowell (2 July 2010; 192 words) Marwan Accad, a security agent, is the only witness to Rafeeq Ramsey’s murder. After some investigation, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Marwan goes on the run in a chase covering both sides of the Mediterranean. From Monte Carlo to Casablanca to Cairo, he relies on ...

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A Rainy Day

I don’t understand people on rainy days. Why do they drive faster when it’s raining? As if the roads aren’t dangerous enough when the ground is dry, they choose to take a risk with wet roads. And then, they run from car to store, from store to car as if the rain will melt them like the Wicked Witch of ...

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