“Shh…I’ve Got A Secret!”

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Would not God search this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart.” (Psalm 44:21 NASB)

Before I could get settled at my desk, Jessica was pulling on my arm and demanding my full attention with the shout of her whisper.

“Shh…you’re never gonna believe what I just overheard Wanda telling Joanna, but you’ve got to promise to keep this a secret,” Jessica said as if she were the protector of a priceless jewel.

The knot in my stomach told me to walk away from the situation, but I didn’t. Instead I couldn’t stop myself from saying seven words I’d later regret.

“I promise,” I said “I won’t tell another soul.”

Secrets can be lots of fun when used for the right purpose; like birthday surprises and playing Santa at Christmas, or they can be destructive and hurtful. I chose to participate in something that would eventually tear down someone’s character even though neither Jessica or I intended harm. Words have the power to hurt, cause pain, disappoint, embarrass, and to destroy when born in dark secret places.

You know–the gossip-girl affect.

The incident between me and my friends almost destroyed our friendship. God put some distance between us so that He could teach me a few things. It was hard being away from them, but I knew I needed to be obedient if I want to be like Him.

Lessons I learned about secrets, gossip, and friendships:

  1. Follow my gut instincts—that’s the Holy Spirit
  2. Walk away when someone says they have a secret to share (code word for gossip)
  3. Create an atmosphere in my life where dark secrets and gossip can’t exist-Pray, read my Bible regularly and surround myself with friends who are doing the same thing

Remember God holds me accountable for everything I say and hear


Crystal Y. Hathcock and her husband Tony, live in Liberty, South Carolina and have been married for thirty-two years. They have two puppies, Hankie and Calvin. Crystal is a freelance writer; a student with the Christian Writer’s Guild and writes religious articles for the area’s local newspaper. She enjoys cooking for family and friends, couponing, jewelry making and singing. (read more…)


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