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Summer Fun? Stay Hydrated!

Here are some good reminders of summer safety in the sunny, hot days! Have fun–and be safe! Dehydration Dehydration among teens playing sports is common, especially in the hot summer months, but may go unnoticed in its milder forms, Leonard says. Younger children are more prone to dehydration because their bodies produce more heat while sweating less. Teens recovering from ...

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Do You Deal With Diabetes?

Hello from your editor! I am a diabetic and have been since I was ten years old. So I know what it is like to be a teen living with it. Only, back then, I did not have the tools offered today. Unfortunately, diabetes is way too common in young people and ever increasing. I am starting a new series ...

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Before I Eat – A Parody

Christian Comedian Anita Renfroe does her spoof on Carrie Underwood’s video. Laugh with her as she helps us nix that next trip to the fridge. For additional information on Obesity and the harsh effects suffered by millions check out… Click the photo

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