Teen Driving – Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

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I bet if you’re working on getting your driver’s license, your already sick of advice from your parents. That’s what they do; and they are supposed to help and protect you. So give them some slack and remember to listen; parental involvement will steer you in the right direction!

And to help, AAA has an awesome website for teens called, KEYS2DRIVE. AAA has been involved in helping teens and parents prepare for teen driving for 75 years!

Resources include:

  1. A driving knowledge quiz
  2. Parent-teen agreement
  3. Sample driving test questions for your state
  4. The licensing process
  5. Facts and risks

Check out these awesome links:

Driver Knowledge Quiz

Sample Driving Test Questions

Parent/Teen Agreement

StartSmart Program

Dare to Prepare

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The Death of A Car – Not the Driver

Posted by Eddie Jones on April 6, 2011 in iBegat Trends, IBegat Trouble, iBegat U |


Do NOT Talk on your Cell Phone and DRIVE

DO NOT glance at your phone to look for new messages or updates.

DO NOT DO anything that will distract you from driving.

Our pizza delivery guy, a teenage driver, was distracted the other night AND going 40-45 mph in our neighborhood. I always see him speeding through like a speed demon. Our street is only 25 mph for a reason. He got distracted–probably by his phone, and hit a parked car in front of my house. Never had time to even brake. He pushed the parked car on the sidewalk and flipped his car landing upside down. If he hadn’t had his seat belt on he would have been killed. DO NOT get distracted when you are driving. I don’t care who is in the car with you and making fun of you–just drive safe. If you don’t get killed or seriously injured or don’t injure or kill someone else, you still have the aftermath of an accident. The emotions, fear, anger, trouble, blame, and cost.

The Wreck in Front of Our House

Ever in an accident? That sound the other night was freakish. I was in my living room when it happened. Don’t let this happen. Be safe.

This is the car being righted up. Sick sounds when they aren’t on TV.

Cindy Scinto

Cindy Scinto, Editor, iBeGat.com


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Teen Drivers? What About Adults? 10 Tips for ALL

Posted by Eddie Jones on October 20, 2010 in iBegat Buddies, iBeGat Health, IBegat Trouble, iBegat U |

The newspaper headline said, “Get your teen’s attention when teaching the dangers of distracted driving” but after I read the article, I knew it was for ALL drivers–teens and adults. The author stated that there are three types of distractions for teen drivers; visual–actions that require you to take your eyes off the road, manual–actions that require you to take your hands off the steering wheel, and cognitive–actions that take your mind off driving. These apply to adults too. So make a pact with your parents or adult mentors to keep each other accountable to follow the rules below.

Here are ten tips to read and share with ALL the drivers in your life.

  1. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. (use your mirrors) My husband always told me to hold the steering wheel at ten o’clock and two o’clock.
  2. Avoid cell phone use–Cell phones are the number one distraction for teenage drivers. Cell phone use falls under the category of visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Mobile technology has made texting, surfing the web, and social networking too assessable.
  3. Don’t use your phone for anything at all. Pull over when it is safe and be sure it is somewhere you can park.
  4. Do not eat and drink while driving.
  5. Do not have lengthy or involved discussions with passengers.
  6. Do not apply makeup, work on your hair, or try to arrange clothing.
  7. Do not read–including PDA’s and GPS units.
  8. Do not search for directions on a map.
  9. Never watch a video.
  10. Do not change the radio station, CD, or MP3 player.
Cindy Scinto

Cindy Scinto, Editor, iBeGat.com


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Posted by Eddie Jones on October 12, 2010 in iBegat the Begotten |

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV)

I sat on the edge of my seat, tense, with my hands clenched onto its piped edges. The faded vinyl was torn in spots revealing tufts of yellowed foam from beneath. Every click of the meter raised the fare and my frazzled nerves. This taxi was a perpetrator of gridlock and I was an innocent victim!

New York City is an entanglement of traffic and people, all in a hurry to get somewhere. At every intersection, a gripping phenomenon called gridlock looms about as frantic truck drivers, taxis, cars and pedestrians attempt to beat the light. The result—after several light changes the mess of traffic cannot proceed in any direction. Often involving ten to fifteen vehicles, gridlock can only be unlocked by a police officer who quickly issues a citation to each driver he frees.

I glanced up at a warning sign swinging between the traffic lights that read, “DO NOT CAUSE GRIDLOCK” and watched as it began to rain.

“Here’s the fare. Thanks for the ride.” I handed the driver his money and darted out into the cold rain. The damp smell of concrete and fumes from the traffic were welcome sensations. Now I would make my appointment, a little soggy, but I’d be on time

Confusion, hurrying, and outright ignorance to the warning signs can cause gridlock in your life. Too many directions and not enough focus will entangle you, causing you to become a victim. Our God is not a confusing God. He wants His people to live untangled lives and keep their focus above.

It might be time to step back and unlock the snarled areas of your life and let the Lord direct your paths. As you encounter the intersections of life proceed with caution and “DO NOT CAUSE GRIDLOCK!”

New York City Gridlock Facts:

“Gridlock.” Some holidays with parades, the Christmas season and visits by the President or foreign dignitaries cause major traffic jams in Manhattan because of the traffic volume or street closings. The city issues a “gridlock day warning” asking people not to drive into the city. A “gridlock” occurs when there are so many cars that no traffic can move because all the streets are filled. If you “block the box” on a gridlock alert day, you will definitely get a ticket.

Cindy Scinto

Cindy Scinto, Editor, iBeGat.com


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AAA Driver-ZED Online – Check it out!

Posted by Eddie Jones on October 8, 2010 in iBeGat Health, iBegat U |

Check out the ZED demo, screen shots, and sound clips at AAA

Yes, there are lots of bad drivers on today’s increasingly congested roads, but you don’t have to be one of them! That’s where driver-ZED 3.0 comes in. Instead of having to sit in a boring classroom listening to someone like me drone on about the importance of checking your rear-view mirror, you can learn using a much more fun an interactive way. 

The driver-ZED 3.0 DVD was created by teens for teens. Teens, not stodgy adults, guide you through 100 challenging driving scenarios. You’ll learn as you go by interacting with real live video scenes, not goofy and unrealistic animations. If you crash–no biggie. It’s just your computer, not your dad’s $450,000 Lamborghini Countach.

This is a fun, interactive demo for the actual software. iBeGat.com is not soliciting you to buy the software. But at least check out what it offers and practice with the demo! It’s a blast!


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