Wardrobe Offender…Not!

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After dreaming about it for months, I looked forward to the day when I could make all the decisions about what I was going to wear. And I’d already put several outfits together in anticipation of my independence day.

Then, in one devastating moment, my dad walked into my bedroom and said, “I want to talk to you about the kinds of clothes your mom and I expect you to wear now that you’re making the clothing decisions for yourself.”

He had his Bible open to a scripture he wanted me to read. I knew he meant business.

“Will you read this for us?” asked dad.

“It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else if it might cause another believer to stumble.” I reluctantly read from Romans 13:21. (NLT)

“What does this scripture mean, Dad?” I asked.

He explained I might mistakenly offend someone by wearing clothing that wasn’t Christlike in their eyes. “Others won’t be able to see Jesus in your life if they’re distracted by your clothes, makeup, or jewelry,” he said.

“That’s not fair,” I replied. “Why do I have to be the one to sacrifice my identity?

My dad and I had some long discussions about Christianity, my parent’s rules, and the consequences regarding my clothes. Yet, we never lost sight of the ultimate goal; the desire to live a pure and holy life for Christ. 

2010 Fall Fashion Tip – Plaid button downs will be popular for both sexes. Muted tones are a great choice. Gals, soften your look with denim leggings or cropped jeans and accessories.


Crystal Y. Hathcock and her husband Tony, live in Liberty, South Carolina and have been married for thirty-two years. They have two puppies, Hankie and Calvin. Crystal is a freelance writer; a student with the Christian Writer’s Guild and writes religious articles for the area’s local newspaper. She enjoys cooking for family and friends, couponing, jewelry making and singing. (read more…)


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Dear Abby, “Tight not Alright”

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So, my name is Abby which is sort of funny since I am writing the advice column for this site. It seemed only appropriate to name the column, “Dear Abby,” and so it is. Please send me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. I’ll bring in the experts if needed and we’ll tackle each issue together.

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Dear Abby,

My best friend recently started wearing clothes that are extremely tight, in a very unflattering way. She thinks they look good, but they don’t. What should I do?     -Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I would definitely be honest with your friend before others start noticing that her clothes look like spandex, but not in a good way. Here’s the trick to all of this though; you have to tell her nicely or she might get pretty ticked. OK, so if I were you, I probably wouldn’t say, “Hey girl, you should definitely get the next size!” because she will probably take offense to that. Here is what I would do: School is going to be starting soon, right? So that means back-to-school shopping! Why not invite your friend over for some pre-shopping festivities?

When I say pre-shopping, I mean have her come over and go through magazines together, looking at trends and styles that you both like and dislike. You can also look online. Once you guys begin the pre-shopping activities, direct her to the loose fitting V-necks paired with skinny jeans, rather than the tight halter and short booty shorts. Tell her how great she would look in the V-neck and skinny jeans. Continue offering helpful hints as you pre-shop, but if she is still drawn to the tight, bootylicious outfits, you’re going to have to be upfront with her about it. Better you tell her than someone else, right? Plus, if she’s dressing in skin-tight outfits, she might even get sent home from school for dress code violation and that could really be embarrassing for her.

So, to recap, ask her over; pre-shop together; offer recommendations as you pre-shop, directing her toward more flattering looks; and lastly, be totally honest with her when she asks, “Does this look too tight?” It goes back to the old saying, “Honesty is always the best policy.”


How to Tell?

What to Do


Seventeen-year-old Abby Adams is an outgoing high school senior who is known for her infectious laugh and charismatic personality. As a cheerleader and gymnast for the past seven years, she plans to try out for cheerleader in college next year. Abby not only enjoys participating in cheer leading, but also she loves coaching it. She is currently the Cheer Coach for a middle school cheer team in southern Indiana and a gymnastics teacher at the local Girls Club.

Abby serves as Vice-president of her senior class and excels in leadership. She plans to pursue a career in elementary education at either Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky or Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. (read more…)


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Revamp Your Wardrobe With New Fashion Ideas – Ally Adams

Posted by Eddie Jones on July 13, 2010 in iBegat Trends |

Have you ever needed inspiration for creating an outfit from your existing wardrobe, or have you ever wanted to blog about fashion yourself? Then, Lookbook is the perfect site for you. I love http://lookbook.nu/ online because you can look through pictures of real people (approved by the website) and learn from their chic style. Lookbook also offers links for you to buy the pieces of the outfit you like. And here’s the really great part—most of the places you will buy the clothes are small online companies so the things you buy will be very unique, not too expensive, and not many people will have them.

Here’s another cool thing: the bloggers on the site are from all around the world so you can get a sneak peek of the fashion scene in France, Australia, Germany and more. Of course, just like any site on the web, you have to overlook some stuff. If it’s a trashy outfit that shows too much skin, don’t try and mimic it. But, be inspired by the diverse fashionistas on this site and learn new ways to wear the clothing you already have in your closet. Plus, after viewing some really cute outfits online, you might be inspired to buy a few key pieces on your next back-to-school shopping trip—pieces that will bring your closet to life this fall. We’ll cover some basics you’ll want for this season in my next entry. Happy shopping!

Meet Allyson “Ally” Adams, iBegat.com’s teen fashion editor and go-to gal for style questions and advice.

Allyson “Ally” Adams, a 16-year-old living in Southern IN, wears many hats. She is an incoming junior in high school. She is a Varsity cheerleader. She is a gymnast. She is an active member of her youth group at church, No Limits. She’s a gifted photographer. She’s a volunteer, having worked at a local nursing home. And, she’s an avid lover of fashion and devoted student of style, studying the works and looks of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Edie Sedgwick.

Currently reading: “Fifty Dresses that Changed the World” (Design Museum).

Watch a video of the 2010 Fashion show by Teen People Magazine and a Modest is the Hottest Fashion show by Proverbs 31 Ministries- **REMEMBER, if things show a bit too much skin…don’t be a follower…be courageous. God tells us to only follow Him and not to be tempted by the things of the world. We can be the height of fashion and remain Godly gals.*** ENJOY!


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