Guidelines for Submissions


Begin your devotion with a brief scripture. Devotionals must be 200-250 words using the Hook, Book, Look, Took method.

Hook – Catch the reader’s attention with a brief story or shocking statement.
Book – Declare your key point and significance of the scripture.
Look – Offer a practical application of the scripture. Tell us what it all means; how the scripture applies to our lives practically.
Took – End by leading to a decision or providing a challenge for the reader to change or see things differently.


Articles need to be written in the journalistic, inverted pyramid style: ▼

• Open with the most important information and…
• Work to the least important at the end of the article.
• Articles must be 200-250 words but can be a bit longer and will be subject to editing if over 500 words.

Format for all Submissions:

• Font used must be Times, 12pt
• Single space your article
• Create paragraphs by leaving a space between each and do not indent the first line is each. This is standard web format.
• Left justify the text
• Only leave ONE space between sentences
• Include the Bible reference and version for all scripture in this format:
By standing firm you will gain life.” (Luke 11:19 KJV)
• Be sure to include your first and last name at the top of the document
• Include a four to five sentence author bio (Only have to do this once if you have already written for iBeGat.)
• Attach a picture of yourself as a .jpg or .tiff, 200 dpi, file no larger than 2mb (Only have to do this once if you have already written for iBeGat.)
• Please name your file so that it can be easily recognized.  EX:  Allison_Hunt_Loving_My_Life_Devo.doc
• One submission per file please
• Email submissions as an attachment in Word, Works, or as an RTF file

Other Submissions

: i.e. Movie Reviews, Interviews, Book Reviews…

• Articles can be 200-300 words but can be a bit longer and will be subject to editing if over 500 words.
• Attach any graphics to your submission email
• All assignments must be returned in week
• Follow the format instructions above

How to Submit:

• As an email attachment to:
• Indicate in the body of the email who you are, who may have referred you, and how you are involved in ministry


• Visit or to see a sample of the format we use
• Read through this website to find the format and subjects we are looking for
• Please do not use sites like or for research.
• Do use sites such as government sites, a personal or official website for a star, musician, author, or other important person, and sites like,, and
• And here are AMAZING research links from our content editor, Michelle Adams:

NOTE: We reserve the right to edit any devotions and articles we receive. There’s no monetary compensation for devotions or articles. In all cases, your motivation should be to bless others through your writing and treat each devotion and/or article as a tithe of your talents.

*If you are published, have a published book, or any other published works, include a brief resume and website link we may use in your bio.


Submission Guidelines
Sample Submission