Who is St. Patrick?

1158905_86141246I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways.  . . . Those who love your instructions have great peace and do not stumble.  (Psalm 119:15 NLT)

Patrick was a normal boy living in fifth century England. He probably had a mom and a dad and maybe some siblings.  They might have had a farm with livestock to care for. They had neighbors and close friend. Maybe Patrick had a friend he’d known his entire life.

But all this changed when Irish men landed on England’s shores and captured Patrick.  They dragged him back to Ireland and sold him as a slave. For seven years, Patrick worked as a slave in a foreign country. Who knows exactly what happened to him? Did his master beat him? Did he go hungry most days and nights? Did he cry himself to sleep and dream of better days spent with his family?

Through his captivity, Patrick was a strong Christian. He remained faithful to God and trusted in the Lord through all his trials.

At last, after seven years of slavery, Patrick escaped Ireland and sailed back to England. His family was overjoyed to see him. It was like getting him back from the dead.

It seemed as if Patrick’s life would go back to normal now. Instead, God asked him to do the hardest thing yet.

Return to Ireland.

There aren’t a lot of details known of Patrick’s life but I’m sure he wrestled with God over this message.  He was human. He was confused, scared, and maybe angry at what God was asking him to do. But despite sleepless nights arguing with God, Patrick said yes to God’s call.  He packed his things and sailed back to Ireland.

Once in Ireland, he began to tell the people about Jesus, and God used him.  Through Patrick’s willingness to say yes and obey, God reached thousands of people. He changed thousands of lives. Many Irish people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and dedicated their lives to him. Patrick planted 700 churches and trained 1,000 pastors.

Patrick’s life is a miraculous story of what saying yes to God could look like. God doesn’t need perfect people to do his will. He doesn’t need powerful people or people who are good at speaking or debating. All God needs is a person who’s willing to say yes to him.

God has destined you for a great purpose. He can do amazing things with you if you are willing to say yes. Listen to his call on your heart. Listen to what he has to say, and once you hear him, obey.

What would it look like to say yes to God? What would it look like to be used by him to change nations?

It’s time to find out.



My name’s Danielle Dodge.  I’ve found it’s a hard job to summarize fourteen years of life into a small paragraph so I’ll just mention a few things.  I’m an avid writer and reader.  I love to write young adult fiction/fantasy novels and devotionals.  I’m a ballerina, a violinist, an amateur photographer and an amateur horseback rider.  I like BIG words, bright colors, cats, and of course, chocolate.  And if you didn’t guess already, I’m a born again Christian, follower of Jesus Christ.


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