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My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12 (NIV)

February 14th


Singles Awareness Day

No matter what you call it – it annoys me…

I don’t like candy. The regular Hallmark movies already make me want to gag. And when I see so much pink and red and white together it makes me want to convulse into seizures.

When I see couples making out in the streets and singles making goo-goo eyes at the remaining brood – I really do convulse into seizures.

It’s just one of those days where I’d rather stay in bed and relive Discovery Channel’s Shark Week on TiVo.

Despite all the pomp and circumstance, and even my excessive distaste for the day, I think someone, somewhere along the line – got it right.

Showing love has changed throughout the ages. The ancient Greeks used to toss an apple to the woman they fancied, and if she caught it – they were as good as engaged.

Ladies in old England would fasten their handkerchiefs to a knight’s javelin to let him not-so-subtly know she favored him the most.

Back in the 17th Century, in Wales, a man would tediously carve a pair of wooden spoons – called Lovespoons – and would give them to the girl he loved to show his affection.

And in 30AD, God sent His son to die a butchered death and bear the sin of a world that had rejected him so that we, ungrateful children, may spend eternity with Him. Because no matter what we’ve done – and no matter what we will do – God loves us.

Kind of puts ‘love’ into perspective, huh?

So this Valentines-Singles-Awareness-Day, take a step out of conformity and spread the greatest love of all with those you hold dear.

The love of Christ.


Christine grew up in the windowless basement of her grandparent’s house and has thus been fondly nicknamed “The vampire in a box” by her friends. She has a strong affinity for sarcasm, shiny purple things, and random, useless information that “normal people probably wouldn’t care about.” She likes to sing, act, draw, write, read, and make fun of Prince Charming in her spare time. Some of her epic skills include: surviving a piano being dropped on her, carrying on a five hour conversation with a wall, and making a grilled cheese sandwich spontaneously explode. (read more…)
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    I love this Christine. I love that you are not afraid to be honest and freely express your feelings. And yes, Jesus is our ultimate Valentine. Your prospective brings balance. It takes COURAGE to go against the mainstream popular opinion. Thank you for writing this devo!

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      Haha! I like how you changed ‘ungrateful murderers’ to ‘ungrateful children’. You’re toning me down, huh? Unreal. xP Thanks for the kind words though, I’m glad you liked it. Of course, being a rebel yourself, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re all for ‘going against the flow’, like I am. xP
      Be Blessed, Cindy!