Senseless Violence

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” (Psalm 34:14 NIV, emphasis added)

It seems these days that no one goes to sporting events to watch the game. They go hoping for some kind of violence to break out between the players. Proof of this can be heard in the background of week’s Indians/Red Sox game where pushing and shoving got out of control. The crowd in the stands cheers louder and louder as the fight goes on. While no punches were thrown, some heated words were exchanged and several players were fined or suspended.

What exactly is so entertaining about violence? Why do people find pleasure in the pain of others? Be it physical or verbal, violence is clearly an aberration from God’s Word. While it may be necessary to go to battle, to defend the cause of the righteous, unnecessary, senseless fighting has no purpose. It will serve only to hurt and upset those involved and will solve nothing.

Esther LoPresto

I am first and foremost a Scribe of the King. It is my desire to serve God through the written word. I have been creating stories since age three. I would tell them to entertain my family, but didn’t start writing them down until age eight or nine. Since then, the need to write has been insatiable. At age nineteen, I had my first book, Where’s My Other Sock?, published by Tate Publishing. Then, I graduated from community college with a degree, not in anything writing related, but in accounting. Currently, I’m hunting for a bookkeeping job and working on several books or story ideas. In my stories, I challenge the reader’s imagination with adventures into the fantasy realm. Some stories lean towards mystery/suspense or general fiction, and I try to write for all ages. I find my inspiration from JRR Tolkien’s works and from the Randomness of everyday life. SDG.


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