Secrets…To Keep or Not To Keep?

Secrets; we all have them. Some are buried deep in our hearts where no one knows about them except God. Some secrets we can’t keep to ourselves so we share them with someone close. Often we share our deepest or most embarrassing secrets with our best friends because we trust them. Most secrets are not supposed to be shared such as who your friend has a crush on, the details of their last dream, or who they secretly want to go with to the prom.

People think a person isn’t a true friend unless they keep their friend’s secrets. That’s not true. There are circumstances when a friend must a serious secret that involves your friend being hurt or hurting someone else.

Here are a handful of examples: when they are being abused in any way, practicing self mutilation, is depressed, being threatened, using drugs or alcohol illegally, or attempting suicide. In all of these cases your friend has a dangerous secret and needs help. You must be willing to put your friendship on the line; even if it destroys your friendship, it could save their life, so in the end it would be worth it. If you are harboring some one’s dangerous secret, tell a trusted adult.

Your friend may not appreciate it now, but someday they will be grateful for your intervention.



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