Scary Bedtime Prayers – Tim Hawkins, Comedian

BEDTIME PRAYERS from the wacky Tim Hawkins

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Here’s a book that will help you see the power prayer when TEENS PRAY!

When Teens Pray: Powerful Stories of How God Works
By Cheri Fuller

When Teens Pray richly demonstrates how God has intervened as teenagers have sought Him. Each chapter features true-life stories of the power of teens and prayers as they intercede for their high schools, families, and friends; as they pray on the mission field; and as they deal with the struggles of adolescence. God links – dynamic prayer strategies supplied throughout the book – help the reader connect with God. These amazing stories demonstrate that teenagers don’t have to finish college or go to seminary for God to use them; they can impact their world and see their own lives changed as they pray – wherever they are.

Publisher: Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
ISBN-13: 9781576739709

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    You would not believe how many times i’ve watched this already.
    I have it memorized and imitate it to my sister! Puts her in stitches!!!
    Tim hawkins is HILARIOUS!

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