Romona and Beezus – Movie Review

Rated: PG 13

RAMONA AND BEEZUS is a funny, heartfelt family film. It follows the exploits of young Ramona Quimby.The middle child of three girls, Ramona struggles to fit in both at home and at school. At home, she must please her parents while following in the footsteps of her older sister Beezus, who is beautiful, popular and gets perfect grades. Ramona looks forward to getting a room of her own, but then her father loses his job, so she tries to help out by making money selling lemonade and auditioning for a TV commercial. When her efforts fail, Ramona begins to think that her family is better without her. So, she thinks about running away.

Based on a popular series of children’s books, RAMONA AND BEEZUS is a delightful, winsome family movie that will entertain both young and old. Joey King is a perfect Ramona. Her endearing performance is reason enough to see the movie. In fact, there is good chemistry among the whole cast. Most importantly, RAMONA AND BEEZUS is appropriate for children of all ages. It also contains many Christian, moral values such as love, family, perseverance, and individual worth.  (This review is courtesy of Visit for more on Ramona and Beezus)


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