Road Signs

Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” ( Psalm 37:3 NIV )

“Dwight, quit being a back-seat-driver.” Eddy was tired of being harassed. “I know where the exit is!”

Eddy had just gotten his license. By saving every bit of cash that he could, he bought a car. And, by taking a Driver’s Ed, getting insurance on his own became affordable. Eddy was set.

Dwight and Paula were sitting in the back. Nathan was up front with Eddy. “Eddy, that sign said Exit 286 is only three and a half miles ahead,” Paula warned as they sped past several highway signs.

“I’ve got plenty of time to get over, Paula. The left lane moves faster. You two in the back need to cool it.”

Nathan smiled and put the radio up louder. “Hey Eddy, here’s that song I told you about! It’s awesome!”

Eddy pounded on the dash as Nathan belted out the screaming lyrics. Eddy was into it. So into it, he ignored several road signs. Suddenly, he saw the sign for Exit 286. “Oh man, I’ve got to get off.”

“We passed three signs already, but you wouldn’t listen to us ‘back-seat-drivers’!” moaned Paula.

Eddy tried to remember all the rules for changing lanes and exiting the highway as he turned the steering wheel. Underestimating the wheel’s sensitivity at a high speed, he lost control and the car ended up across three lanes of traffic. Screeching tires and crashing seemed to last forever before they came to a stop. Eddy’s miscalculation resulted in a pile-up of seven cars.

Eddy’s car was totaled. He walked away with scratches and bruises and Paula ended up with a concussion. Dwight wasn’t so fortunate. His leg had been pinned under the wreckage and eventually had to be amputated. And Nathan, probably Eddy’s closest friend, never had a chance. He was killed instantly.

Eddy now supports a program called “Graduated License.” No, you don’t “graduate” after passing a driving test. Instead, you must drive with an adult the first six months, drive during the daytime only for a year, and remain ticket and accident free for two years. Only then can you get a full license.

Seem unfair? Not to Eddy. He wasn’t ready to drive responsibly. Failing to pay attention to the road signs led to tragedy.

It’s like that for Christians. Today’s story applies to driving responsibly, but it illustrates looking forward to Jesus’ return. Does it seem complicated to get a driver’s license? You have to be prepared to read the signs. Seem complicated to be a Christian? Just trust Jesus. He’ll point out the signs for you!


Click here for more information on GRADThe Graduated Licensing Program, (Safe Teenage Drivers Act of 2000)

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