real devo: let’s talk about money

Now this may sound greedy, but let’s be honest: we all want money, we all like walking around with some spending money in our pockets. But summer is for fun not work, at least in my mind it is. So I’ve come up with a solution: jobs we like to do!

In school when picking electives, teachers advise me to pick classes that relate to what I want to grow up to be and major in while in college, but I think that we should have the same attitudes about the jobs we hold. If flipping burgers is your only work option then hey- if opportunity knocks don’t turn it away. But say you like to work with people, then perhaps apply for a retail job or a position as a restaurant host.

It’s been said that as teenagers we can’t be too picky about the jobs we get, we’re notorious for asking:   Read the rest of this article at Real Teen Faith!

by Staff Writer Stephany Mendia


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