Rag Doll Blues

I am Raggedy Anne

Though I’ve tried so hard

To be someone else

I try to stand

But I fall

Try to act big

But I’m small

Tried to hide who I am

But people see through me

They see Raggedy Anne

I look in the mirror

Don’t like what I see there

Plain, painted face, red yarn hair

Tattered and torn old calico dress

Look at me, I’m a fashion mess

I long to be a true beauty

So once in my life someone might see me

But I’ll always be

Invisible Raggedy Anne

I go thru my days

Actin’ like I know how to play

Keep the fire burnin’ morning, noon and night

Know the rules, do the job, do everything right

If I’m perfect you see

Someone might love me

But I’m not smart or cool

I’m a silly, stuffed fool

Yeah, I am just ol’ Raggedy Anne

If you look in my heart

You’ll find it’s broken apart

Losin’ at love, life and all that I am

No one seems to see the tears that I cry

Never told anyone how much I want to die

Get up and try each day

To do the best that I can

But when you look at me

You don’t see clever Barbie

‘Cuz I’m just a Raggedy Anne.

Then Jesus sings over me

He sees the things they don’t see

He sees good in my heart

Though it’s been shattered apart

Sweeps me up in his arms

Says he loves me just as I am

And he would go anywhere

Into fire and hell if I’m there

To rescue me

Because he loves this Raggedy Anne

I am Raggedy Anne

And I’m trying’ so hard

To be the best rag doll that

I possibly can

Try to stand

But I fall

Try to act big

But I’m small

And still He loves this Raggedy Anne.

So, I’ll just be His Raggedy Anne

Yeah, I’ll always be His Raggedy Anne.


Gerri Wright is a God-lover, wife, mother of 4 children (ages 15 to 6), dreamer, writer, wonder aficionado, tree lover, and chocoholic. She is an alumnus of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Gerri lives in Spokane, WA and likes to write poetry, fiction, and screenplays.


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