Music Review: Colton Dixon – A Messenger

Colton Dixon rise in the music industry over the past year, began with his American idol Season 10 audition. He showered the nation with his voice and left impressions on every listener throughout his journey. He continues to make more impressions with his label, Sparrow Records. Colton’s first album, “A Messenger” contains uplifting, encouraging, and positive Christian music. It includes his hit song, “You Are,” which has been running through everything from radio stations’ set lists, to teens’ earphones.

The lyrics to Colton’s songs deliver a positive message to people of all ages, and share the message of Christ in a wave of love. In the song, “You Are,” Colton encourages people to know God as a healer and the light in dark situations. He shares in “Never Gone,” that God is always there and never leaves you alone.


Not only does Colton Dixon make musical impressions with his voice, but he makes a great role model for all. He follows Christ with all of his heart and boldly stands for him in our polluted world. He sings his passion for Christ powerfully. Colton lives to be a messenger and example through singing of God’s marvelousness. There is no doubt fans will continues to follow Colton Dixon throughout his musical journey. 


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