Modest is Hottest

Modern Fashion can be risky. Media attempts to persuade us girls in a myriad of ways. Magazine articles, television commercials, store advertisements: they can bribe our minds to desire risqué and revealing clothing that is unhealthy, for not only our appearance, but our spiritual walk as well. I’m not trying to make this about what you should and shouldn’t wear, but it is important for us as women of Christ not to be sucked into the “seductive wave.”

First off, as a woman of Christ, it is essential that you know it’s important you stay pure and modest, no matter how old you are. If you are searching for attention from guys that would place you as their distraction piece or are looking for that feeling of seductiveness, there might be a bigger issue that needs to be dealt with. When you get dressed in the morning, think to yourself, “Do I feel beautiful and modest or seductive and revealing?”

A friend of mine has a daily checklist that she goes through to make sure she is not going to attract the wrong kind of attention from her body. She calls it, “The ABC’s.”
If you can lift your arms up, squat down, or bend over and any of these three areas are exposed, you should rethink your wardrobe selection. The reason God warns us about this issue of modesty in the Bible, such as in Proverbs 31, is because guys tend to be visual. They look at a girl and see either modesty or no modesty, and that determines where their mind travels. Purity and cleanliness is a big deal, so why don’t we start treating it like it? Modesty is the best policy.


My name is Alexa Clark, and I love to write in all sorts of formats, but my favorites are advice articles. Besides writing, I am in the marching band, I run, and I dance. I’ve been a Christian my entire life and love my God with all my heart. I love to live out His word, especially through music and performing.


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