Interview with Tony Nolan, Author of “Hurt Healer”

Swaying to the music, you look up to the stage. Your eyes stay there as the music stops and a man takes the microphone. Instead of singing, he speaks words encouragement and comfort; words of conviction and guilt, and love and acceptance. He speaks words of life that pick you up from your low ground, and make you see God with all his glory and love. That preacher that changed your life, his name is Tony Nolan.

Q: I saw you at Winter Jam 2011 and you told a little bit of your story. Do you remember anything from before you were adopted, or have you been told what happened?

A: I mention in my book that I was young then and don’t remember much but it is amazing how your emotions have a photo graphic memory. I remember too much.

Q: What was your life like once you were adopted?

A: I look back and thank God for the things my new parents provided for me food, shelter, clothing etc…But we were pretty starved for love. The good times outweighed the bad times but the bad times were really bad; with a lot of fear, rejection and tension.

Q: When did you find Christ?

A: He found me really. 2-24-89 someone shared the gospel with me and it blew my mind. I had always thought Christianity was a sort of God club that I would never be able to join because I was not good enough but when I really heard the Gospel it showed me that I was welcomed in not based o my goodness but the goodness of Jesus! I was swallowed up by the love of God!

Q:  How did your life change when you found Him?

A: He freed me from drugs and self sabotaging habits. He gave me purpose and direction and invited me to trade in living for my small story of ME for a vital role in the grand story of God!

Q: At Winter Jam 2011, you said that your adoptive father told you he wished he didn’t spend $200 dollars on you. Do you have any relationship with him now?

A: Do you have any relationship with him now? He passed away when I was 15 years old.

Q: As a kid, did you suffer any bullying because of what your birth mother was?

A: Yes, I was constantly beat up. I hid most of the time while I was growing up knowing that each day I went to school was just another day of pain and fear.

Q: How did you start traveling with Winter Jam?

A: I did an 87 city tour with Casting Crowns and God saved 46,000 people at it and Winter Jam heard about that and invited me to come and preach for them. It is an honor to serve my King in this way and He is the only reason it happens. I am a goober…but I sure serve a God who is mighty to save when we preach the Gospel.

Q: In your blog, there is an entry entitled “making a difference.” In it the is an e-mail from a guy who says hearing you speak is what led him and his friend to Christ, and then a couple years later his friend died in a car accident. He said “Even though Sarah is gone I know that if it wasn’t for God’s calling for your life she would be in a very different place right now.” How does it make you feel to know that God is using you in such a big way?

A: I am filled with wonder and awe at a god who is working in lives so that they can be prepared for eternity. He loves people and He wants them to know that. I have a great purpose in life keeping it focused on that very thing

Q: How do you keep in contact with all of the people who fill out the “I’ve Decided” section of your website?

A: I email them just like I am doing now. We have time in life for the things that are important to us.

Q: What is your job currently?

A: It’s not really a job it’s more of a calling…I just wake up each day and serve our Lord and he keeps showing me where I need to be.

Q: Does your family travel with you when you go places to speak?

A: Not all of the time but most of the time. it is very expensive to lease a Bus and I’m just a preacher…so that means I don’t have any major record company paying for it…but I do have a God who meets my needs…but every dollar I spend to have my family with me is worth it

Q: What was it like when you went to China to adopt Fei Fei?

A: It was an awesome adventure with God!

Q: Do you have any other kids?

A: Three others.

Q: If so, how old are they?

A: 14, 12 , and 8

Q: If they’re old enough to understand it, what do your kids think of your testimony?

A: they think God is awesome for saving their dad

Q: What was it like while writing Hurt Healer? Was it hard to write your story for everyone to see?

A: I bleed from my soul over that book. It was worth every drop of blood knowing that others will be inspired to move forward in the power of God’s love

Q: “Through the pages of his life story Tony Nolan challenges and encourages us to reach out fearlessly and let the hurting see God in us. Hurt Healer compassionately and practically gives you the goods to pull it off right now!”  -Toby Mac, recording artist and author of City on Our Knees

How did you go about telling your story, but making it more than just a testimony?

A: I don’t know really, it’s not like a “Story” that I tell, its memories and they happened and they are filled with pain, joys and purpose….so I just wrote about it and people all over the country are finding it very inspirational. To God be the glory!

Q: What is your goal for Hurt Healer?

A: That every single person on the face of the earth would taste and see that the Lord is good and those that trust in Him are blessed!

Now that you’ve heard the amazing story of this inspirational man, don’t just sit there. I challenge you to go out and do something. Don’t let this not change you; don’t try to make God not speak to you.



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