Interview with Comedian Brad Stine

Brad Stine is on a mission – a mission to free us all from the chains of political correctness and prevent our eventual ‘wussification.’  From his Nashville stronghold, Stine is mounting his crusade against these hypocrisies, all of which are explored in his highly anticipated 4th album/DVD, aptly titled ‘WUSSIFICATION!’  Stine models his approach to comedy after legendary practitioners that he has known and loved over the years. Despite George Carlin’s disdain for theistic beliefs, he has been a big influence on Stine. “I always enjoyed Carlin for turning the tables on culture. He is an excellent writer that has endured for decades.” More current comedic touchstones are Brian Reagan, Paula Poundstone, Jim Gaffigan and Monty Python, among others.(taken from his website:

1) Who or what inspired you to want to be involved with comedy and to be a comedian?

I never started out wanting to be a comedian. First I wanted to be a secret agent, then a baseball player, and then a magician. I started out as a funny magician and it morphed into a comedian.

2) What is it that you enjoy the most about being a comedian?

I probably most enjoy the fruit platters we get in the green room. It’s called a green room because it is never green, which is funny, which is what comedy is all about. Plus a green room sounds like a place where fruit would be so it makes sense. I also enjoy using my comedy to tell God’s story. It is a unique vehicle for communication.

3) Who would you consider to be a significant influence in your life and why?

Probably my biggest influence is Carrot Top because after watching his show I said to myself, “I never want to be like that.” (Just kidding.) I was most influenced by C.S. Lewis and comedy wise it was Monty Python and George Carlin I suppose.

4) What words of advice/encouragement would you give teens today?

Learn the Christian worldview so you can defend your faith amongst your peers. Remember the Bible isn’t a book to teach you how to be a Christian; it is a manual to explain the truth about humanity. It is the rule book for life—so read it.

5) What three words best describe you and why?

Intense, broken, healing…self explanatory.

6) Do you have any brothers or sisters, and if so, how was it like growing up with your family?

I have two brothers and one sister and I was the smartest, most handsome, and the favorite of my parents and frankly…I can’t blame them.

7) How has God worked in your life?

The biggest thing I have learned is God puts you in a place where you have to be dependent on Him so that all you do is to lift Him up first, tell His story, and He will take care of the rest.

8) When did you realize that you wanted to be a professional comedian?

When I realized I was never going to be a king or an emperor I settled for comedy.

9) How do you manage your time and cope with being away from family and your church while on tour?

I have always traveled. My wife and kids are used to it. Thank God for my wife; she keeps the kids safe and content while I am away so they usually don’t realize I’m gone until I get back, then when they see me the first thing they ask me for is ..uh…money.

10) So, what’s next for Brad Stine? 🙂

I have a new project called Run On that hopefully will be out this fall or next spring. I finished a film that is coming out Christmas of 2011. You can see the trailer if you search Google: “Christmas with a Capital C.”
I hope to film another movie this fall, film my next comedy album, and create a curriculum Bible study series for churches. I also am working to create a documentary and get my book published which all I hope will come out in the spring of 2011.

Compassionate,motivated and energetic are a few words to describe this 14 year old from Southern Indiana!

Brenna was recently confirmed and is is very much involved as a member in her church. Highly involved with the youth program and in her community; makes regular visits to the elderly and area nursing homes.

This incoming freshman is very active at her school. She is involved in basketball, track, student council, choir, Jazz choir, and will be a Varsity cheerleader. She tells us,"I enjoy making people smile, it makes me feel good. Never frown, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!"

Brenna has one older brother who is in his third year of college.

Beautiful in every sense of the word, Brenna has a great love for Christ and she's not afraid to tell you about His love and amazing friendship. Brenna says, "I want to see teens know and understand that God is nothing to be ashamed of." She's ready to leap into high school with a passion for life, Christ and high goals and ambitions. (read more...)

Meet Brenna Arnold's "SheGat" - our teen gal's editor and iBegat Radio co-host.


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