Interview with Christian Chapman

Many times in my life, I have heard many different inspirational speakers and pastors. I often would sit in church, but never realized the meaning of one true sermon. When I heard Christian for the first time, I was immediately interested in his testimony and the lesson that he had to share about what he learned about his walk with God. The reason why I chose to interview Christian, was because he is an amazing guy, and can enlighten someone’s life with the word of Jesus Christ and him crucified. Being able to have contact with Christian Chapman on Facebook and also being able to text him and know him personally has been a complete blessing. His sermonette that night touched my heart and I rededicated my heart to the Lord.


1.  If you could give the people advice about the world in the shape that it is in today what would you tell them?

I would repeat the final words of St. Paul found in 2 Timothy 4:2-7 where he says to be in season at all times and always be prepared to preach the Word. Why? In verse 3 of that same scripture, it talks about the end times, churches will be filled with preachers telling people what their compromising itching ears are wanting to hear and that people will be turning away from the gospel and turning to myths and other beliefs that aren’t true at all. Sound familiar? It should because it is exactly what’s going on in America and around the world today.

2.  What is your testimony on how you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?

In 1987, after going from being a ranked athlete in North Carolina to living homeless on the streets as a drug overdose victim in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I came home to Charlotte, North Carolina to rehab and live with my father. Even though I was a high school dropout, I got a job at Charlotte Honda because my father was the manager there and I raced motorcycles on the weekend. Even though, I was trying to straighten out my life I ended up at a party in downtown Charlotte one night with a line of cocaine at the tip of my nose. For some reason I had the strength to say No to the hit and started heading back. I ran out of gas at around 3:30 A.M. at Harris Boulevard right off of I-85 and began to thumb for a ride. A taxi cab picked me up and took me to get gas. He brought me back to the bike and put gas in my tank. As I waved goodbye to the taxi, I realized I left my keys in the car as he drove away and it was then around 4 o’clock in the morning, the Lord let me see a slow motion replay of all the failures I had in my life. This caused me to fall on my face and pray for the first time and ask God to reveal to me, that he loved me, that he cared for me, and that he wanted a relationship with me. As soon as I prayed that prayer I looked up with tears in my eyes and I saw a navy-blue Pontiac Firebird pulled over. I walked up to the window, he rolled it down and and turned the light inside the car on and the first thing I saw sitting on the passenger side seat was a Bible. Then I looked at this man and he looked back at me. The words that he said to me I will take to my grave. He said “Son, The Lord told me to pick you up and share with you that He loves you and that’s he’s got a plan for your life. I got in the car and talked with this man about Jesus, as he took me all the way home in North Carolina. It changed my life forever knowing that I am love. Love is what science can’t offer or explain, and unconditional love is what other religions don’t have is a basis for their foundation. Yet is the one thing that we need is humans it certainly was the one thing I needed in 1987 as a young teenage boy who was on the verge of suicide because of the multiple failures in his life. The man who picked me up that night was an African-American man and to have an African- American man pick up a white kid on the side highway and invest his life is the reason why my wife and I adopted 3 bi-racial children and also why I am now the pastor of one of the most diverse churches in Charlotte.

Favorite portion of Scripture?

1 Corinthians 9:19 Though I am free and belong to no man I make myself a slave to to win others to Christ. In fact, this is tattooed on the left side of my bicep because in 1987 a man made himself a slave so that I could hear the gospel of Jesus and so I make myself a slave so others can hear the same message today.

Is there any advice that you would give to a teenager who has not gave their life to the Lord?

If they don’t stand up and fight, live, love and serve Christ then a whole generation of believers will be lost and the future of the church in America will be lost.

Christian Chapman is a man full of the anointing of the Spirit, and
evangelizes many teens and adults across the nation. He is a full-time
pastor at his church located in Charlotte, NC. The first time I ever
heard Christian testify, I felt the presence of God enter the room and
his testimony spoke to my heart and I rededicated my heart to the Lord
that night. He currently has two books on sale on his website and also on Amazon. He also takes
modern-song rhythm and adds christian lyrics to it.

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