Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6 NIV)

I swear there isn’t enough food in this house to sustain my teenage brother. When I went to bed we had Pizza Pockets, soup, Captain Crunch, chips, boxed macaroni and cheese, Top Ramen, and a brand new gallon of 2% milk. However, by the next morning, the only trace of these items’s existence was the suspicious crumb trail leading all the way from our kitchen, up the stairs, and under the door to his bedroom.

Sometimes I think my brother could make a living at the circus as “The Amazing Bottomless Hole.” Despite incriminating evidence against him, his constant alibi is that he is still hungry. And he’ll prove it happily by eating six eggs, five pancakes, and innumerable pieces of bacon without blinking an eye. It’s unreal.

While we refer to ourselves as followers of God, we often end up following Americas Next Top Model or the newest episode of Glee much more religiously. Our relationship with God should be insatiable; but the world around us pushes other things into our path to distract us and steal our focus.
Press into what God has for you! Set your daily TV or computer routine aside and make God your routine! Unlike like my brother’s ravenous appetite, God guarantees that you won’t come away still hungering for something more, but instead that you will be filled.

Things of this world last only for a moment, but God’s kingdom is eternal. You choose.


Christine grew up in the windowless basement of her grandparent’s house and has thus been fondly nicknamed “The vampire in a box” by her friends. She has a strong affinity for sarcasm, shiny purple things, and random, useless information that “normal people probably wouldn’t care about.” She likes to sing, act, draw, write, read, and make fun of Prince Charming in her spare time. Some of her epic skills include: surviving a piano being dropped on her, carrying on a five hour conversation with a wall, and making a grilled cheese sandwich spontaneously explode. (read more…)
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