Guarding Your Heart

“… Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” (Song of Songs 2:7 NIV)

I’ve always gotten a thrill out of wearing a pretty dress. The local spring formal for home schooled high school students presented the perfect situation for doing so. While considering if I should go or not, I remembered my commitment to guard my heart and decided to explore my motivation for going. Dress aside, I realized I mainly wanted to be noticed by guys.

Don’t get me wrong–social events are not bad, and God has a plan for young people to be in community together in healthy ways. But for me, going to the dance with that beautiful dress would mean compromising what I knew about guarding my heart. Any attention I would receive at the dance may have flattered for a moment, but afterward my decision to save dating until I am old enough to consider marriage would seem so much harder. My longing for affection would be awakened.

God delights in a pure heart.  Are we willing to protect ours?  What steps can you take to guard yourself?  Stopping to examine your motivation might be a good place to start.  Ask God to guard your purity and glorify Him.



Mary Catherine is a 16-year-old home schooled high school student living in Lexington, KY. Among other things, she enjoys playing piano and violin, watching movies, singing along with her iPod, going to Disney World, and writing. She has been writing since age 8, and has spent the past few years honing the art of fiction and is working on her first novel. God has given her the desire to teach and encourage teenagers to purity.


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    Michael Henderson

    Tell us the outcome. Did you go to the dance? That all too fine line between “socializing” and “dating” broadens when you ask yourself the very questions you did. You have found a very important key to living a Godly life and lifestyle; understanding and uncovering your motivation.

    The need for community is as basic as the need for food. Without the proper foods in the proper amounts we cannot be physically healthy. Without community, without socializing we cannot grow and be healthy menatlly and spiritually.

    I am very proud of you for the choices you make and the standard you’ve chosen to measure those choices against. Now tell us; did you go? Did you have fun?