Teens Speak On Graduating High School

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[Senior year for me has so far been one of my favorite years in high school. My friends and I have a lot of optimism for the future. Still, though, I feel like I’m getting old and regret being as studious as I’ve been all these years. I think I should have been looser and had a bit more fun. Anyone else feel the same way?] ~7teenyearsold


[It is true, in your higher years of secondary school, you figure out how much of a joke the previous years were and how marks really don’t matter until grade 11 and 12. I sometimes wonder how my parents/teachers tricked me into working hard when I was younger. In grade 11 my mom parents sometimes convinced me not to go to fellowship events because I had too much homework, but in grade 12, I went to fellowship even more than I did in grade 11. Don’t neglect your studies, but have as much fun as you can while you are still in high school. Having just started university about a month ago, I find that it is much more difficult to make time for stuff I enjoy without falling behind in my studies.] ~bigllama


[Keep in mind that there is something to honoring God with your school work. Maybe society does not treat school correctly, but that doesn’t make it okay for Christian not to. You never know what knowledge God will use to change someone else’s life through you.] ~Blazin Bones


[I think the point here is that teachers and parents put so much pressure on students to do well in school, sometimes to the point that grades take a much higher priority in our lives than they should. And often, pressure to do well leads some students to have a less active social life than we should. Teenagers should appreciate and enjoy having a social life in high school without neglecting their studies, because in college…] ~bigllama



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