Good Music, Good Girl – Singer, Taylor Swift

By Staff Writer, Mirriam Neal

It’s hard to find good music nowadays. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christine Aguilera, Kate Perry – these people are taking over the country’s music, and frankly, it’s not stuff I want to listen to. Even Miley Cyrus has pushed too many boundaries. Fortunately, I discovered artist Taylor Swift a few years back, and have been a huge fan ever since.

She is a 20-year-old Southern Baptist girl whose musical goal is to write a song for every instance she can think of, so that everyone will have a song to relate to. I find that to be pretty cool. Her songs cover everything from her love of her mother and family to break-ups to fairy-tale romances, with very little inappropriate content. Her first CD, Taylor Swift, had a couple swear words and a few insults. But the cut version took these out. However, since then, she has stopped swearing and insulting in her songs (thankfully) and Fearless is squeaky-clean. My personal favorites from her are Love Story, White Horse, Today Was a Fairy Tale, and You Belong With Me.

These are great songs to dance with in your room, to sing in the shower, to listen to in the car – they really capture the ‘awww’ moments in life. I would definitely recommend Taylor Swift to anyone looking for clean Country/Pop music they can relate to.


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