Give God Your Hands… Not Your Plans

IMG_1873“For I know the plans I have for you,” says The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future.”
(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Flames engulf a stone building, a ravenous dragon destroying everything standing in the way. You emerge from the smoke, a crying baby in your arms…

You hear the thump thump thump of a new born baby’s heartbeat as the mother holds her child for the first time…

You begins writing the problem on the board as the students behind you snore gently, heads resting on the sides of their desk while the other throw paperbacks and bits of pencils when they think you’re not watching…

You spent your sleepless nights researching in the emptiness of your lab, desperately searching for a cure…

Your voice rises as the message reaches the people sitting even in the dark corners of the chapel and excited “Amens!” radiates from the stain glass windows…

Everyone has a different path and a different purpose in the insane roller coaster we know as life. By age 15, we may think we know what our purpose is…but the odds are we are completely clueless.

Only one knows exactly who we are and exactly what we are here for: our creator, the writer of our destiny–God.

As we are moving towards leaving for college we are completely focuses on what our plans are for the next chapter in our lives and we forget to ask God what HE has in store for our futures.

Next time you pray about your future try and give God your hands and not just your plans because if you surrender your plans and your life now, the reward will be so greater than whatever you could have imagined just by yourself.


Abby Johnson

Sixteen year old Abby Johanson spends all her free moments typing away at her laptop, scribbling on scraps of paper, or getting her words down on paper. Abby is a high school sophomore from Greenville, SC. She aspires to become a published writer sharing God’s love through words.


She enjoys painting, teaching art classes at her studio, playing soccer, and writing. She lives with her parents and has one younger sister and two precious tuxedo kittens, Ebi and Tali. She’s involved in her school’s FCA, Art Club, Beta Club, and NAHS (National Art Honors Society).


She plans on going to a small Christian college to get a dual degree in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Fine Art, to then become an English professor and published author.


She also writes on her school newspaper, The Mannuscript, and sees it as a way to share her love of words. She is involved in her Church ministry, Crave, is involved in a small group of 12 years with a close knit of girls to dive deeper into His Word, and is currently writing a curriculum for rising sixth grade girls.


Her favorite bible verse is Jerimiah 29:11.



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