Everyone’s a Cheater?

103218According to a recent Campus Life survey, 80 percent of our readers say they’ve cheated in school. Most of those say they’ve cheated “seldom” or “only once,” but one reader actually admitted to cheating every day! Only six percent of you say you’ve never cheated.

And almost three-fourths of you (73 percent) say cheating is a problem at your school.

When we asked why people cheat, the most common answers were: “they didn’t study” (87 percent), “to get a passing grade” (80 percent), and “to get better grades” (77 percent).

All right, enough statistics. It’s clear that cheating is a big issue.

An issue, yes. But is it a problem? After all, it’s so common, almost everybody’s “doing it”—even the nation’s very best students. According to the latest survey of Who’s Who Among American High School Students, 80 percent of them admit to cheating.

Many students find cheating easy to justify. “Cheating never hurts anybody,” one guy told the Chicago Tribune in a recent story about cheating in school. “Ten years from now, who’s going to care?”  Click here to read on.


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