Down to Earth Mystery: The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing Watch

My Rating: Bucks
Reviewed by: Esther LoPresto
Written by:  Miriam Jones Bradley

The “Double Cousins” are the children of a pair of siblings who both marry another pair of siblings. In this story, Carly and her sister Molly are the double cousins of Dorie, Max, and Chad.

All of the cousins enjoy visiting their grandparents’ ranch in Kansas during the summer. Grandpa Milton tells the kids a story about his grandfather’s brother who left Kansas in the 1800s for California. But he never returned. Grandpa challenges the kids to solve the mystery. Left with only a pocket watch, Carly and Max dive into the mystery. Questions arise even more when a homeless man, Slim, comes to work on the farm for the summer.

Packed with kid-friendly adventure and excitement, Miriam Bradley’s first mystery is fun for all ages. In the vein of the Boxcar Children series, the story contains no violence or any other kind of objectionable content, simply enjoyment and mystery. She also based the setting and some characters on her grandparents’ farm and her cousins. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

I had the pleasure of meeting and making a friend of Miriam at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. It is also a pleasure to review and help promote her book! (The author provided this book for review.)


I am first and foremost a Scribe of the King. It is my desire to serve God through the written word. I have been creating stories since age three. I would tell them to entertain my family, but didn’t start writing them down until age eight or nine.

Since then, the need to write has been insatiable. At age nineteen, I had my first book, Where’s My Other Sock?, published by Tate Publishing. Then, I graduated from community college with a degree; not in anything writing related, but in accounting. Currently, I’m hunting for a bookkeeping job and working on several books or story ideas. In my stories, I challenge the reader’s imagination with adventures into the fantasy realm. Some stories lean towards mystery/suspense or general fiction, and I try to write for all ages. I find my inspiration from JRR Tolkien’s works and from the Randomness of everyday life.
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