Do You Deal With Diabetes?

Hello from your editor! I am a diabetic and have been since I was ten years old. So I know what it is like to be a teen living with it. Only, back then, I did not have the tools offered today.

Unfortunately, diabetes is way too common in young people and ever increasing. I am starting a new series of diabetic columns to help you, a family member, or a friend live with the everyday, chronic, get’s-in-my-way, annoyance of diabetes. Please comment as I go and offer your stories, suggestions, or questions. I hate it–really, I do. But I want to live without diabetes holding me back. And to do that, there needs to be some helps in place.

Keep watch for more and just click on the iBeGat Health link on the left sidebar for updates and new posts! And November is American Diabetes Month. I will be posting lot’s of resources!

Watch a video of a local basketball player from Spokane, Washington who deals with diabetes and speaks out for a cure!

Cindy Scinto

Cindy Scinto, Editor,


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