Despicable Me – Movie Review

“If you look like Uncle Fester’s evil twin brother, sound like Boris Badenov coming off of a wicked cold, and sport a name like Gru, you’re probably going to be limited in your job choices. But that isn’t really a problem for Despicable Me’s protagonist bad guy. All Gru ever really wanted was to be history’s No. 1 supervillain. So all that other stuff fits pretty well.

There was a time when an innocent version of the despicable guy imagined himself as an astronaut, but his impossible-to-please mother set those silly dreams aright with: “You’re too late, son, NASA isn’t sending up monkeys anymore.”

Besides, Gru has natural gifts that are just the right fit for the megalomaniacal meanie biz. He’s great at dreaming up or stealing really cool gadgets. He’s a whiz at devising nefarious schemes. And this guy is a real minion magnet. In fact, his army of florescent yellow henchmen—each looking like a goggled cross between a Twinkie and a peeled Mr. Potato Head—are the envy of all evildom…” Read more from Focus on the Family’s Unplugged about Despicable Me.


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