Who first patterned the fire’s dance?
Each flickering fall captures your glance
Not simple molecules as some like to say
No way such beauty could be randomly displayed
The diaphanous patterns were crafted by loving hands
It was a thoughtful Creator who designed fire’s dance

Who painted the sunset in the sky?
No paintbrush I know could reach that high
Swirls of pink, purple, red, and gold
Did not come by chance as I’ve been told
Rather a masterful God with an artist’s eye
Painted those colors in the sky

Who gave the mockingbird a voice to sing?
A voice to herald the new morning
There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all
When it comes to the notes in each bird call
Only a skilled composer could ever bring
Musical harmony to the song His birds sing

Who dressed the trees in their colored robes?
Crimson leaves form regal clothes
Each leaf different, yet perfectly shaped
Impossible to spontaneously generate
Only the expert Tailor knows how to sew
Individual leaves into elegant robes

Who graced the mind with intelligent thought?
Chance would have had us only think as we’re taught
Our minds did not come by an impersonal force
They were not made from an unknowable source
Our Father in heaven carefully wrought
The vital facet of intelligent thought


Aimee Lynch is a homeschooled high-school student in Gaithersburg MD. She has a heart for children whose parents are divorced because she grew up in a single-parent home after her own parents divorced when she was five. Her blog,, is a place where she seeks to encourage other kids in difficult situations. In what little free time she has, she enjoys gardening, reading, getting involved in various youth projects, taking walks on the beach, and writing articles. (read more…)


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