More Than Conquerors

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us (Romans 8:37).

Once there was a king. This king was going into battle with his army. They would be fighting a much bigger, stronger, fiercer army, and the king’s men were afraid. Before the battle, the king went out to his men and held up a coin. He told them that one side of the coin had a bear stamped on it and the other side had an eagle. He would flip the coin, and if it landed eagle-side up, the king and his army would win. The soldiers held their breath as the king flipped the coin. To their great joy and amazement, it landed eagle side up. The king and his army marched into battle and won a great victory. Afterward, it was revealed that both sides of the coin had eagles stamped on it.

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting a losing battle? Every day has bad things that happen in it, and sometimes it feels like every single one of those bad things happens to you. I know we all must get to a point where we wonder, “If God is all-powerful, then why do I feel like I’m losing?” Did you know that God has already won the victory? Yep, that’s right! God won the ultimate victory through Jesus’ death on the cross. And by reading the Bible, we can know that in the end, God wins the battle against Satan too.

So continue to fight the good fight! We can know that no matter what we go through day to day, God has already won the victory. He is already the conqueror over sin, death, and Satan.

And that’s something to cheer about as we march in God’s army.


My name’s Danielle Dodge.  I’ve found it’s a hard job to summarize fourteen years of life into a small paragraph so I’ll just mention a few things.  I’m an avid writer and reader.  I love to write young adult fiction/fantasy novels and devotionals.  I’m a ballerina, a violinist, an amateur photographer and an amateur horseback rider.  I like BIG words, bright colors, cats, and of course, chocolate.  And if you didn’t guess already, I’m a born again Christian, follower of Jesus Christ.


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