Charlie St. Cloud

Rated: PG 13

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ABOUT Charlie St. Cloud…

CHARLIE ST. CLOUD stars Zac Effron as Charlie, a bright young man with a promising future. Growing up in a small, seaside yachting village, Charlie is at the top of his high school graduating class with a full-ride sailing scholarship to Stanford in the fall. During the summer, Charlie and his little brother, Sam, practice Sam’s baseball every evening in the woods at sunset. However, when a tragic, drunk driver takes young Sam’s life, Charlie cannot let go of Sam and imagines himself playing catch with Sam every evening. Five years later, Charlie must decide whether to let Sam go and save his girlfriend who’s in trouble at sea.

CHARLIE ST. CLOUD is a moving, heartfelt drama. Even though the plot is predictable and somewhat sappy, Zac Effron shines onscreen. He keeps the movie from falling into its own melancholy traps. The movie has strong, overt Christian references, including prayer to Jesus Christ during a funeral, but they are spoiled by some Romantic elements, brief foul language and an implied sex scene. Otherwise, however, CHARLIE ST. CLOUD is an enjoyable, inspiring drama. Please visit for the complete review…read more at

In My Opinion:
Charlie St. Cloud is an okay attempt at a teen love story. It’s got a few steamy places that imply pre-marital sex (and the movie would have been just as good without these and the language). There’s some light cursing, too. But overall, if you keep your sights set on higher personal values you’ll enjoy the pretty blue eyes of Zac Effron.

What I Learned:
I learned guilt does harsh things to a person. It affects every part of us and I learned life is too short to not make the best of every minute with our friends and family. In a heartbeat, they can be gone.

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