Casting Crowns with The Afters


The Afters opened up the concert on September 23, 2010. Among first song was their hit “Light Up the Sky” which got a very good response. Personally, it is my favorite song of theirs. In between each song the main singer, Joshua Havens, spoke about the songs and experiences in his life. When they finished up and cleared the stage for the Casting Crowns, the group I was with and I were left wanting more.

When Casting Crowns took the stage the majority of the crowd was on their feet. It was a truly uplifting experience. They sang “East to West”, “Praise You in this Storm”, “Until the Whole World Hears”, “American Dream”, “What if His People Prayed”, and “Voice of Truth” just to name a few. The main singer, Mark Hall, also spoke between some songs. It was fun to sing along, dance, and praise the Lord the whole time.

I could feel the Holy Spirit among us as we were singing praise to our powerful, mighty God. It was an awesome concert and I was left with the utmost respect for both bands.


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