Bullies All Around

They repay me evil for good, and hatred for my friendship.” (Psalms 109:5 NIV)

My family moved when I was in junior high so that my dad could find a job. I’d hoped the change would bring a new start for me. When you’re overweight, school can be a tough place to be. I learned quickly that a group of girls at my new school had made it their mission to make my life miserable. They didn’t like the way I looked.

Even though their snickers and rude comments in class were embarrassing and hurtful, I tried to overlook them. I wanted to be friends, but just when I thought I was gaining ground, they would turn on me. They’d twist something I’d say and then the whole group would gang up on me when I was alone.

“Who do you think you are—trying to hang around us?” said Jean, the leader of the gang.

“You’ll never be good enough for us,” Debbie said. “By the way, when are ya gonna lose some weight?”

‘Yeah, you’ve gotten bigger since you invaded on us,” Jean said. Then she looked at Debbie with delight in her eyes and they busted out laughing. Their friends joined in making more jokes about the fat girl—me.

I wanted to run and hide because their words were so hurtful. After a while, I didn’t want to go to school. But through prayer, God gave me grace to survive and thrive.

Bullying Tip – Be aware of cyber-bullying for yourself and your friends. Intimidation can start off with seemingly innocent comments that will increase overtime to aggressive, intentional, hurtful behavior, all done with a few key strokes and the click of a mouse. Don’t take it—tell it.


Crystal Y. Hathcock and her husband Tony, live in Liberty, South Carolina and have been married for thirty-two years. They have two puppies, Hankie and Calvin. Crystal is a freelance writer; a student with the Christian Writer’s Guild and writes religious articles for the area’s local newspaper. She enjoys cooking for family and friends, couponing, jewelry making and singing. (read more…)


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