Book Review – “The Witness” by Josh McDowell

International Adventure: “The Witness” by Josh McDowell

(2 July 2010; 192 words)

Marwan Accad, a security agent, is the only witness to Rafeeq Ramsey’s murder. After some investigation, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Marwan goes on the run in a chase covering both sides of the Mediterranean. From Monte Carlo to Casablanca to Cairo, he relies on his brother Ramy and his friend Kadeen to keep him hidden from French Inspectors Goddard and Lemieux. Along the way, Marwan has to use false identities and he meets Dalia Nour who sends him into a whirlwind romance.

The descriptions in this book are excellent and the action is amazing! From page one, the reader is thrown into Marwan’s race to clear his name. Obviously, there’s a lot of violence involved, but it’s not graphic. There are also minor drug and alcohol references.

When it comes to Marwan and Dalia’s romance, again, nothing is graphic, but there is innuendo. The only thing I found odd about the book was some similar character names: Ramsey (the murder victim) and Ramy (Marwan’s brother); Colette (Goddard’s partner) and Claudette (Ramsey’s wife).

Overall, a great read if you love action and adventure!

(Tyndale House Publishers provided this book for review.)


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