Beach Day – Cindy Scinto

“Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” (Ephesians 6:11 NIV)

I jumped out of bed, woken by the bright sun streaming through my window. As I ransacked my dresser for shorts and a t-shirt, I noticed my Bible staring at me. It’s a definite beach day. No time for devotions.

Andy’s faded, blue Volkswagen Bug pulled up to my house. “Let’s go, surf’s up early today!” he yelled.

Pirate’s Cove was our favorite surfing spot, but dark, gray clouds began to block the morning sun and lifeguards posted “No Swimming or Surfing” signs. “Come on, let’s go down by the bluff so we won’t get chased away,” I said defiantly.

Andy watched as I charged the water, boogie board smacking against the waves. Suddenly, I lost hold of my board and the icy, cold water pulled me under, salt stinging my eyes.

I kicked frantically until a warm sensation embraced my body and I stopped struggling. It’s the undertow! I realized, and it could pull me out to sea, drowning me with its deceptive lure.

Rough, scratchy sand ripped at my skin and I washed up on the beach like a wounded fish.

I pictured my Bible sitting on the dresser. I didn’t spend time with the Lord this morning and my rebellion showed it. Satan is like the undertow as he grabs hold and pulls us down into destruction. Only the strength of the Lord can get us to shore.

Put on the armor of God each day so you can suit up for the rough waters ahead!

Cindy Scinto, author of A Heart Like Mine, Finding God ‘s Will for Your Life, writes full time since 54 operations, three near death experiences, a heart transplant, and cancer took away her ability to work. “My friends and family don’t think writers work,” she giggles after recounting her busy schedule. Cindy now shares hope and encouragement through her writing and speaking ministry. Her husband John’s emotional and spiritual support, along with his love and devotion, make it possible for her to pursue God’s vision and will for her life. Cindy has one child, her son, Jonathan, who is attending college. The Scinto family lives in Spokane, Washington and you can visit Cindy’s website at


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