Unless you count band performances and going to the orchestra, I went to my first concert last night. Now that I know what I’ve been missing, I wonder why I never wanted to go to one before and what made me want to go to this one. I was amazed by the atmosphere at Chris Tomlin’s concert in Baltimore. People were polite and friendly. There was none of that pushing and shoving that one would expect at such an event.

But when the music started, the atmosphere changed. I don’t have the words to describe the awesome way God met us in that arena. All I know is that it was powerful … and real.

Those of you who know me know that I am very quiet and reserved. Well, you wouldn’t have recognized me last night. I lost myself in the atmosphere. I have never had a worship experience like that before; singing and dancing like nobody’s watching for an audience of One. I had a great time.

But this morning at church, there was none of that type of atmosphere. There seemed to be an apathetic attitude throughout the congregation. I don’t understand what caused the atmosphere to change. Of course, it was a new day and a different place and different people, but God is still the same and He comes wherever His people are gathered.

Last night, I shut my eyes and danced with everyone else not caring who was watching or what they thought. Why is it that I could do that in a room full of strangers, but not in church? Why do we care who’s watching? Why should it matter what others think?

The atmosphere may change, but God never changes and neither should the way we worship Him.


I am first and foremost a Scribe of the King. It is my desire to serve God through the written word. I have been creating stories since age three. I would tell them to entertain my family, but didn’t start writing them down until age eight or nine.

Since then, the need to write has been insatiable. At age nineteen, I had my first book, Where’s My Other Sock?, published by Tate Publishing. Then, I graduated from community college with a degree; not in anything writing related, but in accounting. Currently, I’m hunting for a bookkeeping job and working on several books or story ideas. In my stories, I challenge the reader’s imagination with adventures into the fantasy realm. Some stories lean towards mystery/suspense or general fiction, and I try to write for all ages. I find my inspiration from JRR Tolkien’s works and from the Randomness of everyday life.
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