Welcome to iBegat.com

iBegat.com is a website for teens, about teens and run by teens!

iBegat encourages teens and tweens to change their culture by crafting great stories, set new clothing trends, and create music that affirms the value of every individual. iBegat invites teens to produce inspirational videos and set new standards for education, work and play.

It’s is a place for teens to come and relax a bit, read current news and trends, hang, and join a new online community of friends. iBegat.com seeks to give teens enjoyable reading and offer the resources that will support their needs on hot topics and offers teens a place “to slow down” the pace of the everyday grind.

We’re excited about iBegat.com and how the Lord will use it to minister to and through teens. You might find it interesting to know why the name iBegat was chosen. The “begats” in scripture are often overlooked and forgotten as we rush through those Old Testament chapters dealing with lineage.

Likewise, many teens often feel overlooked or forgotten. The begats in scripture are important because they give us a glimpse of our heritage, of God at work in the course of human history.  In the same manner, teens are  not only significant – they are our future. Don’t like the culture you live in? Change it! Begat something new!

Also, begat signifies birthing or bringing something into being. Our hope is that iBegat.com will birth (or strengthen) a desire in teens to accept God’s love and wonderful plan for their lives. We also want to see the dream of writing birthed and come to fruition in the lives of teens and young adults who will contribute to the site.

This is your site, so we would like you, teens, tweens and young adults, to submit articles and devotions that will inform, encourage, and challenge your peers to live in a way that births God’s purpose in their lives. Look around, browse, and if you want to submit some content, click here: http://www.ibegat.com/submit

We need teen writers – we need YOU!