A Girl and Her Daddy: “Redefining Beautiful”

Redefining Beautiful: What God Sees When God Sees You

by Jenna & Max Lucado

Society tends to revolve around appearances. Our so called “culture” dictates what is and is not beautiful. But what the media fails to see is the One and Only perfect Dad.

Jenna’s Lucado’s book, A Girl and Her Daddy, takes readers on a journey showing how God, our perfect, heavenly Dad, can “Redefine Beautiful.” Filled with real stories and thought provoking questions, this book can help girls of all ages see the beauty in their personal lives. Even if life hasn’t been good, it can change when we give God the pen and let Him finish our story. As Jenna puts it: “Even the darkest stories can have beautiful endings.”

This book explains that it is God’s love through us that makes us beautiful. He gives us the “accessories” for life. Jenna lists them as: security, identity, value, love, self-control, peace, joy, and contentment.

I found myself thinking a lot about my own life while reading this; about things I know I can improve in myself, but most importantly about how blessed I am. My heavenly Dad has given me a great earthly Dad. Far too many people don’t live with or don’t even know their dad, or maybe they had a dad unworthy of emulation. Sure, my dad is short and old and tells jokes that aren’t funny… but he’s a great example of God’s love.

To all of you reading this: I hope you have a dad who reflects our perfect Father. If you do, take the time to tell him how much you love and appreciate him. If you don’t, well… still love him and pray for him. Even if you don’t feel like it. (Thomas Nelson Inc provided this book for review.)


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