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Summer is awesome and I enjoy the basics. What about you? FUN and FASHION…well, shopping. Check out Ally’s post on fashion.

Boating: The hot summer sun will fade, but the memories will last forever. I absolutely have a blast on the mighty Ohio, and let me tell you why! Nothing is better then a day full of exciting water sports, like tubing, skiing, wake boarding, and knee boarding. My personal fav is water tubing. The thrill excitement of coming off the water and not knowing if I am gonna be able to stay on for the ride, or if  I’m destined to belly flop into the water, makes it all the more fun. My family has been boating for tons of years. They tell me I had my first boat ride when I was 6 months old. Wow, then I must be a true water baby at heart. Enjoy as much fun in the sun with your family as you can, because it is truly a blast! 🙂

Shopping: Alright, I can actually admit I enjoy shopping! You know that line, “shop until you drop.” well that’s me! 🙂 I love to keep up with fashion and maintain all the newest trends. Shopping just comes natural with me! Shopping is not all about the buying, it is also about spending quality time with all my best friends… not to mention all the good food that comes along with a shopping spree! My girlfriends and I, literally laugh until we cry, we have such a good time, that we never want the day to end.

Words of encouragement: Love your friends, family, & God with your entire being, they are the most important part of your life.

Take care..hugs…-Brenna… 🙂


Compassionate,motivated and energetic are a few words to describe this 14 year old from Southern Indiana!

Brenna was recently confirmed and is is very much involved as a member in her church. Highly involved with the youth program and in her community; makes regular visits to the elderly and area nursing homes.

This incoming freshman is very active at her school. She is involved in basketball, track, student council, choir, Jazz choir, and will be a Varsity cheerleader. She tells us,”I enjoy making people smile, it makes me feel good. Never frown, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!”

Brenna has one older brother who is in his third year of college.

Beautiful in every sense of the word, Brenna has a great love for Christ and she’s not afraid to tell you about His love and amazing friendship. Brenna says, “I want to see teens know and understand that God is nothing to be ashamed of.” She’s ready to leap into high school with a passion for life, Christ and high goals and ambitions. (read more…)

Meet Brenna Arnold’s “SheGat” – our teen gal’s editor and iBegat Radio co-host.


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